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We Ship Tarps With UPS

Welcome to DC Cargo Mall!

We're so glad you found us! If you're looking for any tie-down or accessory, you're in the right place. Please take a look around our site and if you run into any trouble or you're looking for an item that you can't find, click the live chat during normal business hours (Eastern time) or ask us here. We can source or customize most products.

Shipping Costs

We know shipping charges can be a real nuisance. We hope to soon launch a new shipping system that would dramatically lower costs for you. In the meantime, if the shipping seems too costly, chat with us or call 866.998.0577. We can often arrange for lower fees than the calculator at checkout might show.

Who We Are

Want to know more about DC Cargo Mall? Visit our About Page for our company's tale and Frequently Asked Questions. Also, visit us on Trustpilot to see what a few of our thousands of happy customers are saying. As you can see, only a small percentage have left reviews thus far and we hope you'll help change that!

Up and Coming

We're currently in the midst of designing a brand new site and we'd love to hear your thoughts. If you've got suggestions, complaints, questions, or general feedback, let us know!