10' Black Powder Coated Horizontal E Track TieDown Rail for Cargo Trailers

10' Black Powder Coated Horizontal E Track TieDown Rail for Cargo Trailers
Our price: $24.49
  • Material: 12 Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Black Powder Coat
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Rail Length: 10'
  • Rail Width: 5"
  • Rail Depth/Height: 0.5"
  • Slot Length: 2.5"
  • Slot Width: 1"

10' Black Horizontal E Track Rail

Are you hauling packages, pallets or other cargo in an interior van trailer? A horizontal e track tie down system purchased online from DC Cargo Mall will help secure the contents of your trailer while you are driving, ensuring that your cargo arrives at its destination intact and unharmed.

When to Use Horizontal E Track in Your Trailer

This e track's horizontal configuration allows you to run it along your enclosed cargo trailer walls in horizontal rows, providing an anchor point for tie down straps which keep cargo in place. Horizontal e-track has a wider profile than vertical e track because the anchor points which run perpendicular to the rail itself, spaced at 2" intervals. Vertical and horizontal etrack can each be used for many different tie down applications, but if you are unsure which orientation to choose, consider what you plan on hauling, and the interior layout of your trailer.

If you are hauling a vehicle such as an ATV or snowmobile, you'll want to use horizontal e track mounted to the floor of your enclosed van trailer, flatbed trailer, or pick-up truck. This will give you a larger number of tie down points to secure the vehicle from front to back. Horizontal etrack installed on the walls of an enclosed trailer gives you many anchor points for tie-down straps or bungees, and also allows you to secure equipment or cargo flat against the wall, maximizing the amount of interior space you have. In a delivery trucks or moving van, it is common to place etrack a few feet above the floor near the door to secure common supplies like moving dollies or hand trucks - keeping them up against the wall so they stay put while you are driving and are easily within reach when you need them.

Installing Your Cargo Trailer E-Track System

This black enclosed trailer e track rail can be paired with tie down straps or bungees and various e track attachment points like hooks, clips and brackets to create a unique, customized e track tie down system. The 10 foot horizontal e track is conveniently sized to minimize installation time and cover large areas. Designed to be bolted onto the walls of your truck's interior horizontally, the configuration of this rail provides more holes to hook your e track strap or shoring beam onto, and more holes means more securing options, and a safer ride for you.

For easy e track installation, simply bolt this trailer e track to the walls of your interior van. Keep in mind that your e-track is only as strong as the way it is mounted. When deciding where to mount, you should consider the location of wheel wells in the floor, support studs in the walls, and if you have cabinets or a door along the wall of your trailer. When wall-mounting, horizontal e-track rails should be fastened directly over the studs. ¼" self-threading screws will fit into the pre-drilled holes, and you should attach the track with a screw at every 3rd, 4th or 5th hole on both sides.

Black Painted E Track for an Attractive Finish

This trailer e track is constructed of high gauge steel which prevents rust and corrosion, enhancing longevity and saving you from financially draining frequent replacements. The steel is finished with a specially formulated black powder coating, formed from a polymer resin mixture which is melted, cooled, and then ground into a flour type residue. The resulting powder coating is then sprayed on the e track rail via static electricity, then placed into a special curing oven where the chemical reaction of the heat and coating forms longer molecular bonds that are extremely dense and resistant to break-down.

The strength and function of this tie down rail is the same as the plain steel e-track, but the unique black finish will give the inside of your trailer a sleek and distinctive look.

Shipping Considerations when Buying 10 Foot E-Track Online

Due to the rules and regulations of UPS, our shipping provider, a maximum of 8 feet is allowed for each item shipped. This 10 foot e track exceeds their limits, therefore it must be shipped instead via LTL Truck, a shipping service designed for packages with larger dimensions. To maximize the efficiency and cost of shipping these large 10 foot tie down rails, we recommend that you order at least twenty units, and have your order shipped to a location with a loading dock. If you do not have a loading dock, then liftgate delivery will be required and you will incur extra charges from the LTL carrier.

If you are unable to meet these requirements, please call us at 866-998-0577, or consider our 5 foot black horizontal e track, which can be delivered via regular UPS ground shipping. Still have a question? Pose it to us by visiting our Contact Us page for calling or mailing us, or utilize our convenient chat option where a live representative will be ready and glad to assist you!

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