2" E Track Hex Head Metal Anchor Screws with Self-Drilling Tips (10 Pack)

2" E Track Hex Head Metal Anchor Screws with Self-Drilling Tips (10 Pack)
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  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Length: 2"
  • Diameter: #14

E Track Tie-Down Hex Screws 10 Pack

To be the reliable cargo restraints they can be, E track rails need to be installed properly. Using the proper fasteners will ensure that your E track is secure and your freight safe.

2" Hex Head Metal Screws with Self-Drilling Tips

These E track hex screws are perfect for mounting on metal trucks and trailers. They can be drilled straight into the wall or floor, avoiding the need for pre-drilled holes. Simply use a leveler to ensure your tracks are placed at the right angle, and drill the screws through a few of the holes that run along the sides of your tracks. Fastening through every single hole isn't necessary. These hex screws can be easily installed and removed with the 3/8" drive of everyday screwdrivers or drills.

2" E Track Hex Screws 10 Pack

This E track hex head metal screw pack comes with 10 2" long screws. They have a diameter of #14 and are zinc-plated to improve corrosion- and rust- resistance. These screws are also available with 1.5" long bolts.

All products that work with E tracks are compatible with A tracks as well.

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