2" x 20' E Track Cam Strap Tie Down, Blue

2" x 20' E Track Cam Strap Tie Down, Blue
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  • Webbing Material: Polyester
  • Webbing Color: Blue
  • Strap Width: 2"
  • Strap Length: 20'
  • End Fitting Length: 4'
  • Webbing Break Strength: 6,000 lbs.
  • Assembly Break Strength: 2,505 lbs.
  • Working Load Limit: 835 lbs.

2" x 20' Blue Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap with E Track Spring Fittings

Your cargo is valuable and you don't want to risk damaging it in transport. The simplest and most efficient way of securing cargo is with the E track system. Once you have an E track installed on the floor or wall of your vehicle, locking freight is simple with our dependable E track tie-down straps.

To secure a load with this 2" wide, 20' long E track strap, test your E track rails to confirm that no screws are loose. Press the tie-down's E fitting and insert into the E track slot. Wrap the strap or rope around your cargo, and hook the other end into another E track tie-down clipped further down the E track or on an opposite track.

Adjusting a Cargo Tie-Down Strap Length with the Cam Buckle

As opposed to ratchets, cam buckles are easy to control with one hand - the lever gets pressed while the strap is slowly pulled loose or tight. It is advisable to use cam buckle straps for tying down open or fragile freight, such as motorcycles and insulation.

Turn the cam buckle over and thread the webbing back through while pressing the thumb release. Pull the strap to your desired tension and tightness around your load and then let go of the thumb release. To loosen, press the thumb button on the buckle and pull the strap.

Cam TieDown Durable Blue Polyester Strap Webbing

At DC Cargo Mall, we sell only top-quality products to ensure our customers only receive the best they deserve. The 2" wide blue webbing on this 20' long tie-down strap is made of sturdy polyester that can handle extreme temperatures and hold up against UV rays. The straps won't stretch when wet and will not retain water, avoiding mildew and rot.

This 20' strap is also available with a ratchet, in lengths of 12' and 16', and with premium American-made Diamond Weave webbing. We're happy to customize all of our straps. Need a special length of strap, length of end fitting, or width? Want to modify fittings and/or buckles? Customization is available - just contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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