2" x 20' E Track Ratchet Strap Tie Down, Blue

2" x 20' E Track Ratchet Strap Tie Down, Blue
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  • Webbing Material: Polyester
  • Webbing Color: Blue
  • Strap Width: 2"
  • Strap Length: 20'
  • End Fitting Length: 4'
  • Webbing Break Strength: 6,000 lbs.
  • Assembly Break Strength: 3,000 lbs.
  • Working Load Limit: 1,000 lbs.

E Track Ratchet Strap Tie Downs made with Quality Webbing

The longest E track ratchet strap you'll ever need is right here. 20 feet of bright blue webbing harnesses your heaviest loads and easily holds those lighter packages without a hitch. The hefty ratchet on this blue E track strap allows for strong leverage control making loosening and tightening your strap a simple feat. This long E track strap is intended to be used with E track rails installed on the walls or floor of your flatbed or interior van trailer.

Our E track ratchet straps are color coded by size to make finding the strap you need a quicker task. We carry this 2 inch e track ratchet strap with spring E fitting in three lengths. The most petite is the 12 foot strap, the go-to for more buoyant loads. The 16 foot E track ratchet strap boasts a higher capacity still. This 20 footer is a favorite due to its long length and high working load limit.

These E track straps are made of polyester webbing for safety, longevity, and rough hauling. These polyester tie down straps are made with moisture rebuffing technology so rotting, mildew, and mold are not an issue. The firm webbing will not shrink due to high temperature or extreme heat. The usual burn of most acids or UV rays will find this tough strap unaffected, so these trusty straps can keep you quality company for a good while.

The Long E Track Strap and its Working Load Limit

Here is how to decide which strap suits your load best: Calculate your cargo capacity and the working load limit you'll require. Whether it is a 1 inch motorcycle tie down strap for your Harley, or heavy duty four 4 inch ratchet straps for your furniture maneuvering, you will find it at DC Cargo Mall.

Please note the difference between break strength and working load limit. The way to determine the assembly break strength of a tie down is by a factory test done on the end fittings to calculate their endurance levels. The assembly break strength of this entire E track ratchet strap is 3,000 lbs. due to the end fittings, although the webbing break strength is 6,000 lbs. Webbing break strength is determined by a factory test which applies force directly to the webbing until it reaches its capacity and starts to break.

To calculate your working load limit, use the break strength of the entire assembly and divide by a safety factor of 3. Federal regulations count on this safety factor rule to accentuate safety and account for unknown elements. Dividing the assembly break strength (3,000 lbs.) by 3 gives you the working load limit of this E track ratchet strap: 1,000 pounds.

E Track Trailer Accessories to Compliment your E Track System

Depending on the weight of your load, and the type of vehicle you are using, you should be able to determine whether it's the 12, 16, or 20 foot strap that works best for you. The 1,000 load limit is more than enough to accommodate most trailer loads, which is why E track straps are all 2" wide. Loads hauled on a flatbed truck are often much heavier, however, so for heavier duty applications DC Cargo Mall offers thicker 3 inch and 4 inch ratchet straps as well as tie down chain and binders.

We also offer this same strap with a cam buckle instead of a ratchet, is not as heftily built for adjustments but will serve its securing purpose should you require a less aggressive option.The lighter weight fixture means a slightly lower working load limit. Anchor rings and load bars are just some of the other ways to hook your e track up with a securing tool that will keep your cargo at bay.

How to Use this Ratcheting Tie Down Strap with the Spring E Fitting

Once you've chosen the strap that best suits your trip, complete the loading process and double check for tightness, proper lock-hold, and all-around security. Test your E track rails to confirm that no screws are loose. Bolting a wooden plank between your E track and the walls could aid in stamina. Here's how to get started with latching your strap.

Wrap this strap around your freight and secure the spring E fittings found at each end to the slots in the e tracks at both ends, and align them so that the slots utilized are parallel to one another. The spring E fittings on this 20 foot strap are custom built to fit perfectly into the e track slots. Simply push it into the slot until you hear a click, then you know it is tightly secured. When you need to remove the strap, this lift and go spring system makes it easy push down on the protruding piece and slide it out.

Once the strap is hooked into your E track at both ends and wrapped around your cargo, its time to tighten. If the strap is too long, simply lift up on the lever of the ratchet and pump it to the desired length. If it needs loosening, lift up on the lever and then proceed to pull the loose end of the strap webbing further out of its roll around the ratchet. When the necessary length is reached, lock down the lever with one click.

Purchasing Ratchet Strap Tie Downs at DC Cargo Mall

At DC Cargo Mall, we aim to put you, the customer, first. We sell only top-quality products to ensure our customers only receive the best they deserve.

Feel free to call us with any inquiries, or use our live chat. For bulk pricing, just ask! We're happy to customize all of our straps. Need a special length of strap, length of end fitting, or width? Want to modify fittings and/or buckles? Customization is available - just contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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