89"-104" Steel & Aluminum Load Lock Cargo Bar

89"-104" Steel & Aluminum Load Lock Cargo Bar
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  • Material: Steel and Aluminum
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  • Length: 89" - 104"
  • Diameter: 1.5"


Extensive traveling can cause your freight to shift, leading to cargo damage. So whether you are a professional mover, cargo transport company, or a homeowner looking to move his/her goods, you will benefit from a steel cargo bar that will keep your items safe. A cargo load lock bar is perfectly simple to use and takes less than a minute to mount onto the walls of an enclosed truck or trailer.

The simplicity of using load locks makes it an ideal choice to use for all your transporting needs. Cargo load bars are guaranteed protection for your freight while traveling and they can be placed to organize a trailer full of separate deliveries.


Unlike tie-down straps, trailer load bars are fixed once mounted. This load lock bar is made of steel and aluminum for the ideal combination of durability and buoyancy. It has a 1.5" diameter tubular bar with 2" x 4" square rubber suction foot pads at each end that firmly fasten onto parallel trailer walls to lock your cargo in place.

To mount this trailer cargo lock, place one suction on one wall, the other suction on the parallel wall, and then pump the ratchet to adjust tension and extend from 89" up to 104" long. Open the lever completely to remove the bar. This trailer load lock is easy to store when not in use.

This cargo bar is available in steel alone. We also offer a short 39" - 72" bar, an extra-long 96" - 112" steel bar, and an 86" - 104" jack bar. If your trailer is equipped with an E track tie-down system, you may want to view our selection of E track shoring beam cargo bars. For trailer F track systems, see our F track shoring beam.

Click for replacement suction pads or a replacement ratchet body.

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