89" - 104" Steel Load Lock Cargo Bar for Trailer

89" - 104" Steel Load Lock Cargo Bar for Trailer
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  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Silver and Black
  • Length: 89" - 104"
  • Diameter: 1.5"


So you've told your spouse that moving your worldly possessions across the country is smarter than hiring a professional mover. Or you ARE a professional mover or trucker but that customer seemed real concerned about the huge box you're taking.

Worried about what'll happen if the cargo shifts and moves? We get it; we'd be concerned too. That's why we've created the perfect cargo bar load lock.

Made out of steel for the ULTIMATE durability, this bar will suction against parallel walls and keep everything in place. No need to worry about freight getting damaged from banging against other cargo. Don't fret about the owners' potential lawsuit or about your wife's reaction to broken dishes. Instead, relax in your seat knowing that your cargo is safe. Secure. Reliably locked. In place.

That's what a DC Cargo Mall load bar is about.

Besides the incredible dependability of a cargo securement bar, theis load lock has other benefits.

- Organize your truck by keeping separate deliveries, well, separate, by mounting dividers between loads to make it easier to load and unload at each address.

- If you have a flatbed with side rails or (custom) bed walls, these lock bars can make organization incredibly easy.

- Secure cargo so you can safely walk into the trailer without the worry that boxes and UFOs will fly toward you.

- If you're going on a trip in your campervan, RV, or trailer, you'd be smart to take along a load bar or two. Here's why:

     - The pots and pans, lawn chairs, food baskets, and jerry cans don't need to take away from your space. Give yourself more room by pushing your cargo against the wall when you don't need it. And use a load lock to keep those pesky cabinets closed so your carefully stacked tuna cans and PB&J jars stay in place while you navigate those rocky trails.
     - We all know how troublesome laundry can be when you're on the road. Whether you wash in the river and don't want to wait for the clothes to dry before moving on, or the laundromat is too crowded or expensive to bother with the dryer, it's easier to have an in-house drying rack that can be removed when not needed. Just suction to the two walls and use as a clothesline.
     - Kids bickering? Hang a sheet over this dividing rod and warn them it's electrocuted. This works for anyone who wants privacy in an otherwise privacy-abolishing environment.


This cargo bar is a durable steel 1.5" diameter tubular bar that is heavy duty, strong, and reliable, even in the roughest driving conditions and bad weather. The 2" x 4" rubber suction pads at the ends are powerful suctions that will maintain a hold to the truck walls until you remove them. Attach securely onto parallel trailer walls to lock your cargo behind.

With a little pump of the ratchet lever, this adjustable load lock extends from 89" up to 104" long, covering the width of just about any trailer.

Because it is narrow (though long), this load lock bar can be easily stored when not in use.

This bar is available in a combination of steel and aluminum. We also offer a short 39" - 72" bar, an extra-long 96" - 112" steel bar, and an 86" - 104" jack bar. If your trailer is equipped with an E track tie-down system, you may want to view our selection of E track shoring beam cargo bars. For trailer F track systems, see our F track shoring beam.

Click to view our replacement suction pads and ratchet body.

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