96"-112" Adjustable Steel Load Lock Cargo Bar

96"-112" Adjustable Steel Load Lock Cargo Bar
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  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Silver and Black
  • Length: 96" - 112"
  • Diameter: 1.5"


Adjustable steel cargo bars are necessary for every enclosed van, trailer, or truck on the road. They are particularly vital for highway drives or travel in rocky terrain where the freight loads can easily slide backwards and all around the trailer.

Load lock bars act as barriers that prevent cargo from shifting, avoiding damage and lawsuits. They can also be fitted as dividers that keep separate shipments orderly, making deliveries simple and efficient. Once a load lock is affixed to trailer walls, it is designed to stay put and secure freight, in spite of bumpy rides and short stops. With a steel load bar acting as a cargo tie-down, you can rest assured that the load you are hauling will remain safe and organized throughout your trip.


This silver cargo lock bar has a 1.5" diameter tube made of strong steel. Its length can be extended from 96" - 112" (that's the standard 8' wide trailer to longer than the 9' wide trailer) with the simple adjustment of the ratchet assembly lever.

This trailer load bar has a suctioning assembly that allows you to easily attach the cargo bar to the interior of your trailer and store it on the side when not in use. There are 2" x 4" rubber suction pads at both foot ends. To mount the load bar, place a suction pad against the wall, set the other suction on the parallel wall, and pump the ratchet to tighten. Be careful to make the bar as long as possible so that it does not fall down if the truck walls are pressed outward.


This cargo load tie-down bar is available in 89" - 104" lengths with steel and steel/aluminum combo options. We also offer a short 39" - 72" bar, and an 86" - 104" jack bar. If your truck is equipped with an E track tie-down system, you may want to view our selection of E track shoring beam cargo bars. For trailer F track systems, see our F track shoring beam. See our 2-rod load lock carrier and our Yellow Rack options for systematized storage frames.

Click to view our replacement suction pads and ratchet body.

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