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Bolt-On D Rings

Bolted D rings are uncomplicated and reliable cargo anchors. Click here or scroll down for a broader overview of the benefits and options of bolt-down D rings.

Bolted D Ring Trailer Cargo Anchors

When you transport generators, motorcycles, camping supplies, gas cans, and other cargo loads on the back of your pickup truck, flatbed, or other trailer, you want to protect the freight in the best way possible. Using tie-down straps and chains together with bolted D ring tie-down anchors is a perfect way to keep your load safe with minimal effort.

Bolt-on D Ring Tie-Down Anchor Points

Bolted D rings serve as classic cargo tie-downs. They are safe, reliable, and easy-to-install anchor points to which logistic tie-downs can be fastened. Use steel D ring tie-downs to ensure your freight is safe, even when exposed to wild weather or collision.

Bolt-on D rings are highly versatile; they can be mounted to metal or wood surfaces on your truck, trailer, or pickup bed.

Installation of bolt-down D rings is exceedingly simple and requires only everyday hardware. Most of the D rings come with accompanying steel bolt-down clips that have one or two pre-drilled holes; others have a hole pre-drilled into the actual ring. Bolted D rings can be easily unfastened and moved around to suit your current purposes.

These bolt-down D rings are made of durable and long-lasting steel. Many of the rings available are zinc-plated to ensure heightened corrosion- and rust- resistance.

Bolt-Down and Other D Ring Tie-Downs – 1/4", 3/8, 1/2" Diameters

D rings come in assorted dimensions to accommodate different sizes logistic straps and chains and to enable mounting in tight spots. The varying working load limits are all high enough to help support the transport of ATVs, cars, large appliances, and more. Be sure that the weight of the load you are hauling does not exceed the combined working load limit of your collective tie-downs.

Please note that D rings are not intended for overhead lifting.

Click for our selection of weld-on D rings and flush mount recessed pan fitting D rings.