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D Ring Tie-Down Anchors

D rings make perfect cargo anchors. They tie-down all kinds of straps and chains in trucks, vans, and trailers. Click here or scroll down to read more about the four D ring categories.


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D rings are perfect cargo tie down anchors. They can be mounted onto metal or wooden truck beds and trailers for versatile tie-down points that can be turned in multiple directions. The various sizes and styles D rings can accommodate all kinds and lengths logistic ratchet straps, winch straps, motorcycle tie-downs, chains, ropes, and tarp straps, etc.

Once D rings are mounted in trucks, trailers, or vans, they can be used in combination with many other tie-downs to secure cargo. Hooked tie-down straps can latch onto D rings. Use tarp straps with S hooks, winch straps with J wire hooks and grab hooks, ratchet straps with J wire hooks, S hooks, chain anchors, snap hooks, and grab hooks, and motorcycle tie-down straps with wire J hooks or vinyl S hooks. For a stronger hold, sew the loose end of a strap around a chain anchor and link the chain grab hook to the D ring. Transport chains can be anchored with grab hooks, chain anchors, or chain binders.

In addition to their traditional function as tie-down anchors, D rings can be used as supplementary tie-down supporting guides. Slide the strap or chain through the ring and anchor elsewhere with another D ring.

D ring tie-downs are made of sturdy, durable steel. Many are finished with zinc for improved corrosion- and rust- resistance.


D ring tie-downs come in four basic categories: welded, bolted, recessed, and free-floating.

Weld-On D Ring Anchors – 5/8”, ½”, ¾”, 3/8”, 9/16”, 1” Diameters

Weld-on D rings are the most strongest and reliable cargo tie-down anchors. They include metal welding clips that get fused to the metal floor or rail of your vehicle (by use of welding machines, best accomplished by professionals). Welded rings take some effort to install but are solid and permanent; the only way to remove them is by cutting the dense steel. Weld-on lashing D rings’ working load limits range from the average 2,000 lbs. to a fantastic 15,600 lbs.

Bolt-On D Ring Tie-Downs – ½”, ¼”, 3/8”, ¼” Diameters

Bolt-on D rings are can be installed onto metal or wooden surfaces on your truck, trailer, or pickup bed. They are fixed with the use of standard hardware and tools; they can be easily unfastened and reused elsewhere when needed. Most come with accompanying steel brackets that have one or two pre-drilled holes; others have a hole pre-drilled into the actual ring. Bolt-down D rings’ working load limits range from 400 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.

Recessed Flush Mount D Ring Pan Fittings, Mounting Plates

Recessed D rings have pan fittings that lie in the wooden floor of flatbeds, pickup trucks, or enclosed trailers and become flush with the surface so as not to hinder cargo placement. A special hole-saw or chisel is used to install them. Some pan fitting D rings have mounting plates that go on the underside of the mounting surface for increased security. Working load limits range from the average 400 lbs. to a fantastic 2,000 lbs.

Free Floating Strap Adjuster D Rings

Floating D rings are strap adjusters that are attached to the ends of stray webbing, straps, and pull handles. The webbing can either be sewn over the ring or looped through in a secure fashion. Free floating D rings can be used to buckle belts and straps around beams and rolls of fabric. They are also perfect for creating custom straps and cables.