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E Track Attachments

The E track system is comprehensive, with hundreds of fittings, rings, and tie-offs allowing the most versatile cargo securing system available. Whatever the accessory you own, we have the perfect fitting you can use to make it E track-compatible and even more useful than before. Scroll down or click here for a brief overview of the E track attachments available in this category.

E Track Fittings, Rings, and Tie-Offs

E Fitting

The E track spring fitting is perfect for use with a simple strap. It has a slot through which the strap gets threaded and a spring fitting that clips straight into a slot on any E track single or rail. For a custom three-piece E fitting, call us at 866.998.0577.

Roller Idler Fitting

The E track roller fitting idler assembly is a unique gadget that can be incredibly useful in the securement of large loads with straps, particularly in the securement of vehicles. The roller fitting swivels in all directions and has a slot through which a strap gets hooked. This roller idler acts as an additional point of strap restraint, removing the strain off the webbing and preventing friction.

Wooden Beam Socket

E track wood beam end sockets can be used to create a custom shelving organization system in your vehicle as you insert beams wherever they are needed to anchor and support freight, equipment, and personal items. In addition, these wooden beam end sockets can turn pieces of wood into E track cargo load locks, as long as there are two E tracks installed opposite on walls each other.

E Fitting D and O Ring

If you have ropes, thin straps, or cables that need an anchor, simply insert one of these ring fittings into a slot on an E track rail or single. Loop and fasten the tie-down around the ring. Choose from light, standard, or heavy O rings, and standard or heavy duty D rings.

6” Rope Tie-Offs

If your tie-downs lack E fittings, use rope tie-offs to secure them to an E track. They are similar to E track rings but include a 6” length of webbing for increased flexibility. Choose from the standard rope tie-off, 3-piece E fitting, and the yellow, red, or blue heavy duty rope tie-offs.

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