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Load Locks and Shoring Beams

Load lock bars and shoring beams will keep your cargo secure in its place in an enclosed van or trailer. Click here or scroll down for an overview of all the products available in this section.



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Load Lock Cargo Bars and Shoring Beams

Carrying freight is a complex responsibility that requires the strictest standard to ensure complete cargo protection. Bad weather, rough roads, short stops, and even slight impact can cause your load to shift, leading to container damage and product defects.

Load lock cargo bars are convenient tools that can be employed with minimal effort to ensure your freight is locked securely in its place. They are perfectly simple to use, mount firmly onto the sides of the vehicle in just a minute, and can be easily stored when not in use. Whether you are a professional trucker, cargo transport company owner, or a layman looking to move his/her goods, you will benefit from using cargo bars to secure your cargo in transit.

In addition to locking your cargo, shoring beams can be secured to the wall in various spots to create multiple decks of cargo stowage. These additional levels can then be used to accommodate larger freight loads.

For protection from sharp cargo bar edges on malleable freight such as cardboard boxes, use Vee board corner protectors.

E Track Decking Beams and Suctioning Load Locks

There are two kinds of cargo bars – E track shoring beams and suctioning load locks. E track shoring beams have E track spring fittings attached at each end. They get clipped onto parallel E tracks on opposite walls to become solid barriers which no cargo can slide past. The suctioning load lock cargo bars have strong steel suction pads at each end. They get locked securely onto opposite trailer walls. The suctions can be replaced when needed; we have adjustable and fixed replacement suction pads available.

Cargo bars are made of heavy steel and/or aluminum. They have ratchets or jacks that are adjustable from 84” to 112”. For all ratcheting load locks, we have a replacement ratchet body available to avoid replacing the entire bar if the ratchet fails.

For various other cargo load beam accessories, click here.

Hauling freight is a considerable task. Don’t scrimp on your cargo safety; use load locks shoring beams inside your trailer today. For assistance in choosing the cargo bar that is right for your load, for bulk orders, or any questions, feel free to contact us at 1.866.997.0577 anytime and we’ll be glad to assist you!