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E Track Rail Systems

Line the walls of your interior van with the right tracks for your straps. Explore our bursting selection of logistic tracks that vary in size, color, alignment and more! These tough bars of sturdy steel come in protective zinc plating and painted finishes. Click here or scroll down for an expanded detail of E track rails.



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The E Track Tie-Down System

The most efficient way to secure cargo of any size, weight, or type is with an E track system. E tracks can be used to lock loads from cars, bricks, and furniture to fishing gear and hoses in all trailers, enclosed vans, utility and pickup trucks.

E tracks get fastened into the floor or wall of trucks, vans, and trailers. They have slots into which E fittings are inserted. Many load bars, logistic straps, rings, and other transport accessories are equipped with E fittings that can be easily clicked into E tracks, attaching your cargo restraints to your vehicle for the ultimate freight control.

E tracks can be as permanent or temporary as you'd like. Installing and removing is simple and takes only a few minutes; rails can be moved from one location to another based on current need. E track singles provide the greatest flexibility as they act as small yet exceedingly reliable anchors wherever they are placed. The volume of attachments that can be used with the E track system make it the most versatile and reliable freight curb system obtainable.

There are two basic categories of E tracks – horizontal and vertical rails as well as single and double slot tracks. Horizontal E track rails are 5" high with 1" slots spaced 1" apart; vertical rails are 3.5" wide with 1” slots spaced 2" apart. The rails come in lengths of 2', 5', 8', and 10'. Handy single slots makes mounting possible in the most remote spots and a portable double slot serves as a strap extender or E fitting connector.

E Track Rail Finish and Color

All E tracks are made of a hardy steel that can withstand the elements and will endure the standard use and abuse cargo transport poses. Two finishes are offered for the E track rail and single. A painted finish suggests a polished look; the rail is available in a smooth black and a natural green and the single is available in black. The rails, singles, and double are all available in a galvanized finish which presents an extra layer of corrosion- and rust- resistance. Please note that some colors are only available in specific lengths or directions; for custom or bulk orders, call us at 866-998-0577.

E Track Installation

The E track is simple to install. Identify the optimal placement that will work with most of your loads and use a leveler to ensure the track is being mounted on a straight angle. Choose from our variety of E track bolts and screws to install. The E track rails have pre-drilled holes spaced 2" apart but do not need to be fastened by every hole – every few will do the job just fine. E track doubles require no installation.

Installing E Tracks with Bolts and Nuts

Bolts and nuts are ideal for thin metal surfaces with pre-drilled hole. They are slightly more complicated to install than standard screws but they do provide a stronger hold. Either choose a spot where there is a pre-drilled hole or use a bit with the correct diameter (included in the bolts' descriptions) to make one. Slide the bolt through the E track and surface hole and hold down while you fasten the nut on the other side of the surface. If you are using a washer to distribute pressure and extend the life of the surface, track, and bolt, thread it onto the bolt before the E track or after.

Installing E Tracks with Screws

Screws are used for thicker surfaces – both metal and wooden and do not require pre-drilled holes, making them the choice for simpler installation. Screws with self-drilling bits are easy to use. Simply choose a drill bit with the correct diameter (included in the screws' descriptions) and drill the track to the wall or floor.

E Track Attachments

Innumerable cargo tie-down attachments are equipped with E track fittings that click into the slots on the rails, singles, and double. The fittings are easy to use – just click the lever, insert into the E track, and release. The fitting, and whatever may be connected to it, will then be fastened to the wall or floor of your truck, van, or trailer.

Here is an overview of some of the basic cargo attachments that are compatible with the E track system. Feel free to call us for assistance in choosing the accessory that is most appropriate to address your needs.

E Track Fittings, Rings, Roller Idler Fitting, and Tie-Offs

Many fittings come with rings – light, standard,and heavy duties – in several shapes and sizes. Rope tie-offs are short lengths of rope with an E track fitting on one end and a ring (also available in various shapes and weights) on the other, through which straps and ropes can be tied. Rope tie-offs come in three colors of rope – yellow, red, and blue. For an anchor that directs the strap and promotes flexible cargo placement, use a roller idler fitting. The roller head swivels in all directions, allowing for secure placement without the stress on the strap or pull on the freight.

E Track Logistic Tie-Down Straps

There is an entire world of straps equipped with E track fittings.

Ratchet straps are made of polyester material (called webbing) with a ratchet attached to adjust the length of the strap. They come with E fittings at each end. To use, click one fitting into a slot on the track, wrap the strap around the cargo, and click the other fitting into a slot further down the track. The ratchet lever can be pressed and the strap pulled to tighten the hold and your cargo will be safely locked against the wall or floor of your truck or trailer. To loosen, simply lift the handle on the ratchet, press the lever, and pull the strap. It's simple, no-frills, and reliable.

For more delicate cargo, cam straps work just as well as ratchet straps but the buckle is softer than the ratchet and will not crush the load. A cam buckle is even simpler to use and just as reliable. The strap webbing is the same as the ratchet strap – durable and reliable.