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Replacement Fixed Ends

Ratchet straps are the ultimate in trailer tie-downs. These fixed strap end replacements are 12" long and have various end fittings. See below for more details.


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Replacement Fixed Strap Ends

Reliable cargo transport requires sturdy and dependable trailer tie-downs. Ratchet straps are strong, portable, and versatile tie-downs. We have 1", 2", 3", and 4" wide ratchet straps in a wide range of lengths and end fittings. We also offer 2" wide replacement straps without ratchets and replacement ratchet assemblies.

Sometimes it's only the fixed end fitting – that short piece attached to the ratchet, equipped with a tie-down fitting – that needs replacement. In that case, we have a wide range of replacement end fittings available here. The straps are all 12" long and come with any end fitting attachment. If the attachment you'd like is not listed, contact us; we are happy to accommodate all custom orders and offer discount prices on bulk purchases. For more information or an estimate, give us a call at 1.866.998.0577 or submit the 'Get a Quote' form; we pledge to respond by the next business day.

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