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We Ship Tarps With UPS

Tarp Straps

Rubber tarp straps with steel S hooks at both ends are used to secure tarps and other cargo.

See below for details about our selection of tarp straps.


Rubber Tarp Straps

If you have a flatbed full of lumber, you certainly use a tarp to cover the load to avert damage, loss, and weather-caused decay. A tarp strap is needed to hold down the tarp. Our tarp straps are made of sturdy rubber and come in different lengths – 9”, 10”, 15”, 21”, 31”, and 41”. They have a steel S hook at both ends, one of which hooks through the holes on the tarp and one which gets hooked into the track on the belly of the truck.

Tarp straps are not used just to secure tarps onto trucks. They are great for securing cargo loads in the backs of trucks and trailers and they perform well as belts, holding together bundles of bars, tools, poles, etc. The simplicity of these straps makes them a favorite cargo transport accessory for many.

Tarp straps are available in two kinds of rubber. Natural rubber is imported; EPDM rubber is made in the USA. The main difference between the two kinds of rubber straps is the weather in which they perform best. Natural Rubber tarp straps are ideal for cold temperatures while EPDM rubber tarp straps are best for high temperatures.