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Flatbed Tarps for Steel, Lumber, and Other Cargo Loads

The bane of truckers… tarps. If you need to tarp your load, may as well go about it the right way. These tarps are just the quality you'd like to rely on.

We offer every possible dimension and material combination. The most popular types are featured here and if you want something you don't see, just ask us; we've got your back.

Steel tarps: made only of the heaviest weight material to offset the sharpness of the metal, our steel tarps are completely waterproof. These 16' wide tarps have 4' drops and come in lengths of 20', 24', and 27'.

Lumber tarps: Lumber tarps have a flap to cover the front of the load. We offer three weight combinations and several dimension options as well as 4', 6', and 8' drops.

All tarps have rows of D rings and grommets 24" on-centers.