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Motorcycle Tie Downs

Although we'd love to ride our bikes to every destination, sometimes they do need to be trailered – whether for recovery, family travel, or due to bad weather. Make sure you have all the tie-downs you need to ensure your motorcycle is secure for the ride.


No matter which tie-down system you choose to use, we have all the accessories that you may need. For purchasing guidance, or to obtain an estimate for bulk or custom orders, just give us a call at 1.866.998.0577 or fill out the 'Get a Quote' form and we’ll be happy to work with you.

There are two types of strap buckles – ratchets and cam buckles, and two basic kinds of tie-down systems you may choose to use –  tracks or anchor points.


The most commonly used motorcycle straps are 1" wide. They are available in various lengths, with vinyl-coated S hooks, wire J hooks, snap hooks, etc. Cam buckle straps are easy to use with one hand, while ratchet straps allow for tighter tension.


The E track trailer system is the most popular, versatile, and easy to use tie-down system available. It comes with horizontal and vertical rails in lengths of 2', 5', 8', and 10'. E track rails are made of steel and finished with zinc, black paint, or green paint. There are also single E track options, including a rotating slot as well as other single slots.

The L track system, also known as airline track system, is thinner and more compact than E tracks. It is understated and economical.

You can view our most popular E track rails and singles; our L tracks will be listed soon. Click to view a more comprehensive selection of E tracks, as well as our E track ratchet and cam tie-down straps.

Track and Strap Accessories

Whether you choose to utilize the E or L track systems, you'll need some accessories to ensure tie-down compatibility. We have E track rope tie-offs, D and O rings, and tie-downs. L track studs will be arriving soon; call us at 1.866.998.0577 to inquire.

To keep your straps safe from sharp wires and load edges that might cut them, and to protect your bike's finish, we have sheepskin and rubber strap covers. We also offer soft loop ties in various lengths. A soft loop can protect a bike's finish from abrasion and paint chipping. It is most often used as an intermediary between the bike and the tie-down strap end fitting.


There are many kinds of D ring anchor options. Welded D rings are optimal for large loads weighing thousands of pounds. Bolt-on rings are available in above-ground and surface mount options. Above ground D rings are easily fastened and removed, making them simple, versatile, and reusable. Surface mount D rings have recessed pan fittings that get inserted into holes cut into trailer floors. Recessed D rings are secure and unobtrusive.