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Ratchet and Cam Straps

Ratchet and cam buckle straps are the most basic tie-down component. See below for further details and an overview of all strap options.


Ratchet and cam buckle logistic straps are essential safety tie-downs for cargo transport. Although some of these straps are sited in our van trailer and E track categories, we have assembled here all of those plus many more for your browsing accessibility.

Each strap is comprised of three elements – the strap material called webbing, the tension adjustment mechanism, and the end fitting attachment.


Most of our trailer tie-down straps come with two polyester webbing choices – best value or premium.

The best value straps have reliable restraining capabilities, high work load limits, adjustable lengths in different colors, and ease of use. They can secure loads of nearly every size and shape in any position. These logistic straps are made of a durable polyester that can handle extreme temperatures and hold up against UV rays. The webbing will not retain water or stretch when wet, making them resistant to mildew and rot.

Premium logistic straps are fashioned with a distinct American-made Diamond Weave webbing. In addition to the stock logistic tie-down strap qualities, premium straps webbing have a unique abrasion-resistant texture that allows the straps to withstand incredible rough-handling and cushions side impact, ultimately increasing the lifespan and usability of the strap to 10 times that of a standard webbing value strap.

For a more detailed report of the differences, see our E track value and premium strap divisions.

All of our value and premium straps come in an array of dimensions. Cam buckle straps are available with 1" and 2" widths and lengths that range from 12' to 30'; ratchet straps have widths of 1", 2", 3", and 4" and lengths from 12' to 30'.


The two basic logistic strap tension adjustment mechanisms are ratchets and cam buckles. Durable steel ratchets can withstand all the misuse that transport might bring. They are simple, no-frills, and reliable. For more delicate cargo, cam straps have the same durable webbing as ratchet straps but the buckle is softer than the ratchet, minimizing damage to the load. Ratchets generally require the use of two hands for pumping; cam buckles use just the press of a lever.

Tie-down straps are available with a variety of end attachment hooks and fittings including wire J hooks, double and single E track fittings, trailer plate F track hooks and butterfly fittings, flat hooks, grab hooks, flat and twisted snap hooks, etc. These end fittings can be inserted into D rings, chain anchors, E and A tracks, F and L tracks, and other tie-down spots on flatbeds, in enclosed van trailers, on pickup beds, and in warehouses and garages. For a better comprehension of E-fitted straps, check out our E track strap department.

Ratchet Straps Replacement Parts

Keeping one truck equipped with top-quality working equipment can be burdensome and expensive; staying up-to-date with a fleet of trailers is even more so. Take advantage of the many replacement parts we offer so as to minimize the stress cost and of maintaining your cargo tie-down straps.

Replacement Tie-Down Strap Webbings

If your strap gets cut or torn while the ratchet remains unharmed, check out our selection of 2" wide replacement straps, available in lengths of 25' and 28'. They come with various end fitting attachments, including wire J hooks, flat and grab hooks, twisted and flat snap hooks, chain anchor extensions, D rings, and sewn loops.

Logistic Strap Fixed End Fittings

To replace your strap's fixed end fitting, just choose from this assortment of end fittings without ratchets. Replacement fixed end fittings come in webbing widths of 2", 3", and 4". They are all 12" long. The end attachments available include wire J hooks, flat and grab hooks, twisted and flat snap hooks, chain anchor extensions, D and V rings, and sewn loops.

Replacement Ratchet Assemblies for Trailer Tie-Down Straps

These replacement ratchet assemblies are the perfect solution if an accident causes your ratchet to break while the strap survives unmarked. They come with a 2", 3", or 4" wide and 12" long fixed end webbings and a range of fixed strap end fitting attachments including wire J hooks, flat and grab hooks, twisted and flat snap hooks, chain anchor extensions, D and V rings, and sewn loops. We also have a light duty ratchet and an over-center buckle available.


We at DC Cargo Mall are happy to accommodate all bulk and custom orders. For estimates regarding large quantity purchases, specific dimensions and custom end fittings, just give us a call at 1.866.998.0577 or fill out the 'Get a Quote' form.

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