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V Board Corner Protectors

Tie-down straps often crush valuable cargo with their strain. Use these V board corner protectors to prevent freight damage.

Cargo edge protectors also protect tie-down straps and tarps from sharp load edges, cushioning them to prevent friction and tearing.

Check out here our selections of hardy plastic Vee boards (all with options for multiple colors at the same cost) as well as metal and plastic corner protectors.

Scroll down for further details about the benefits of edge protectors and the options available.

Note that most products are available in various colors; click on the products to view. For bulk orders, request a quote here.



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Cargo Load and Tie-Down Protectors

Whether you are a professional trucker or a truck-driving layman, you need to bring valuable cargo from one place to the next, unharmed. Aim for the highest freight protection available with V board edge protector corner guards, the perfect tie-down padding to guarantee undamaged cargo, tie-downs, and tarps, as well as compliance with federal law.

The primary duty of Vee board corner protectors is to protect cargo from the force of logistic tie-down straps pulled over the load. Corner guards take the strain from the tie-down straps and chains and redistribute, spreading it out over the whole board so the larger the board, the lighter the impression on the load and the less likely cargo damage is.

Freight Edge Protectors: Additional Benefits

Logistic ratchet straps completely lose their tie-down worth when shredded, and torn tarps cannot defend against flying branches and windy rains. V boards cover the edges of loads to ensure they present no cutting danger to protective tie-downs. This becomes essential with loads that have sharp edges like bricks, concrete blocks, and steel sheeting.

Federal law states that you must use an edge protection that 'resists abrasion, cutting, and crushing' in a case where 'a tie-down would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article of cargo'. (See FMCSA § 393.104 for further details.) Vee boards easily satisfy this requirement and ensure the safety of all cargo handlers and passerby.

Choosing and Using V Board Corner Guard Bumpers

Vee boards are very simple to use. Place the V over the top edge of the cargo and pull the straps over the load. Some edge bumper guards have slots on the side and/or on top for straps up to 4" to be pulled through.

V board corner protectors are specifically made for the top of cargo on flatbed trucks, although they can be used well inside trailers, on pickup trucks, and wherever freight is hauled. The kind of loads you can carry on a flatbed or trailer are endless and each kind will need its own securing system. We offer here many Vee board cargo and strap guard options. Feel free to call us at 1.866.998.0577 for purchasing guidance and custom or bulk orders; we'll be happy to help!

V Board and Corner Protector Options

Smaller Vee boards such as the 12" options are ideal for mixed and uneven loads with spaces and harsh loads that need intense strap protection, like bricks, steel sheets, steel piping, wooden pallets, and cable spools. We have a standard 12" V board as well as a heavy-duty 12", in addition to the special models with a 4.5" slot for straps on the side of the board or on both the side and the top.

Larger V boards are ideal for loads in which the freight needs greater impact protection and strap and tarp cushioning like drywall, plywood, and cotton loads. The moderate sized 24", 36", and the largest 48" and 78" all come in standard and heavy-duty forms.

For loads of brick, Brick Guard boards are essential for preventing stray blocks from falling and injuring people or damaging surroundings. They are also great for protecting straps, people, and tarps from the sharpest loads, and cushioning the softest loads. They are 48" long and extend 36" or 24" down the side of the load for fuller coverage.

When using chains to tie-down cargo, protect the freight with metal corner protectors. These steel corner guards are galvanized to prevent corrosion and rust. They come in lengths of 5", 6", and the relatively lengthy 13", which effectively redistributes the pressure from the chain over the whole plate.