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Weld-On D Rings

Choose from our selection of weld-on D rings for the strongest cargo tie-down anchors available. Alternatively, check out our selection of bolt-down D rings and flush mount pan fitting D rings.

Weld-on D Lashing Ring Tie-Down Anchors for Flatbeds, Trucks, and Trailers

When you haul freight on your flatbed trailer or other vehicle, you want to be sure you are using the most powerful cargo tie-downs possible to prevent any cargo damage or personal injury.

Weld-on D rings are the strongest and most reliable tie-down anchors obtainable. Once installed, D rings are versatile and easy to use. They become part of the metal surface to which they are welded, making them immovable unless deliberately cut. They are made of thick steel with a variety of finishes available, including zinc for increased corrosion- and rust- resistance. Weld-on lashing D ring anchors' working load limits range from the average 2,000 lbs. to a fantastic 15,600 lbs.

Using D Rings to Anchor Logistic Tie-Downs

To anchor a tie-down chain, use a chain binder – either a lever binder or a ratchet binder. Hook one end into the D ring and the other into the chain; wrap the chain around the cargo and do the same on the other end. Use the ratchet or lever to tighten. Be cautious; chain binders are tense with stored energy and can be dangerous if mishandled.

To anchor a tie-down strap, use a strap with a wire J hook or grab hook, or use as a guiding restraint for your flat hook strap.

Smaller and Larger D Ring Dimension and Form Options

We carry various dimensions of forged steel weld-on D ring tie-downs. Diameters (referring to steel thickness) include 5/8", 1/2", 3/4", 9/16", and 1". Sizes (referring to ring width and length) range from 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" to 5" x 6". Most weld-on D rings have the option of bent form. These are especially beneficial when used to guide winch, cam buckle, and ratchet straps, as they help avoid friction and strap wear.

For wooden mounting surfaces, check out our selections of easily-installed bolt-down D rings and flush mount pan fitting D rings.