Cargo Bar Foot Replacement Pad, Fixed

Cargo Bar Foot Replacement Pad, Fixed
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  • Material: Synthetic rubber
  • Color: Grey and/or black
  • Length: 4"
  • Width: 2"

Load Lock Foot Pads' Function

The foot pad suction of a cargo bar is its most crucial component. If the suction loses its capability through bang-up or otherwise, the entire bar is worthless. To help you avoid the expense and bother of purchasing a new cargo bar, cargo bar feet replacement pads are available.

Cargo Bar Feet Replacement Pads Specs

These fixed 2" x 4" cargo bar foot pads feature strong suctions that grip the wall of your truck or trailer, keeping your cargo locked in its place and allowing your load bar to perform its duty of securing your cargo. They get fused onto the ends of the cargo bars, requiring welding equipment for installation. They are the ideal option for jack bars as they provide the greatest security and zero movement.

We also feature adjustable foot pads, which are bolted on with simple hardware.

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