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About Us

DC Cargo Mall's Saga: How We Came To Be

David had been working as the purchasing manager for a building supply company for over a year when he noticed that more and more loads were being secured with inferior tie-downs. A rusty hook, a torn strap, a faulty chain – these were gaffes that could not only risk a company's valuable cargo, but also endanger the lives of the drivers and fellow motorists.

"When I pointed out the dangers to the drivers," David recalls, "Only some knew how to go about ensuring better securement, and even those complained of the hassle and expense of securing equipment."

David realized that truckers and companies needed a hassle-free way to purchase cargo equipment, without compromising on quality or costing too much. He searched online and had to agree – most of the quality equipment available was expensive, and the cheaper options were not reliable enough.

David's solution was simple. He found obscured manufacturers' websites, tested their products, and listed them on a newly-created website that reached truckers directly.

That was back in 2009. In 2011, Joe, David's longtime friend, was roped in as a partner. DC Cargo Mall fast became a full-time occupation for both and soon required the engagement of additional employees.

Today, in 2018, DC Cargo Mall is an enterprise servicing truckers, cyclists, and companies across the America and beyond. We love our customers and we're grateful for the trust that's made us partner in so many unique businesses and lifestyles. We're confident that we'll continue to earn your loyalty as we endeavor to bring even more value to you.

Who We Are:

We are tie-downs.

We are trucking made easier.

We are E-track experts and flatbed experts-in-making. And motorcyclist wannabes.

We are Here For You.

Oh yes, and we are American, which means that we speak English. Yup, even in 2018, you can communicate with a customer service rep.

What We Bring To You:

The better question would be – what are we missing? (Tell us.) Okay, we don't ship coffee and we can't finance your dream vacation to St. Lucia… but when it comes to equipping your cargo vehicle, we've totally got your back.

After all, keeping cargo secure isn't easy, insignificant, or cheap. Whether you're looking to haul your motorcycle in your pickup so you can grab a ride on a family camping trip, or you're representing a professional trucking company that needs heavy duty tie-downs to secure customer loads in its fleet, or you're anywhere in-between or beyond, we have the droids you're looking for.

This means that DC Cargo Mall provides you with:

~ An all-encompassing selection of top quality cargo control products. That’s EVERYTHING! for flatbeds, trucks, vans, semis, pickups, warehouses, docks, garages. Think: universal E-track rails, tiedown anchor rings, durable wood beam sockets, heavy duty tie-down straps, load bars, etc. Galvanized steel D rings, strong winches, flatbed tarps, ratcheting straps, motorcycle tie-downs, Vee boards, chains, hooks – should we continue?

~ Bulk orders - Just ask for a quote.

~ Customization - Need a special strap fitting? Different length chain anchor? We've got you covered.

~ Communication - We clearly specify load limits and uses of all products, we are in a constant state of creating product sketches and how-to manuals.

~ Happiness - Trouble with a purchase? Need to return an order? Seeking a custom solution? Contact us. We're always here for you.


Where are you located?

Visit our contact page for contact information and how you can visit. In the meantime, enjoy our website –available globally.

How fast can I expect my order to arrive?

All orders ship within 1-2 business days. A full 90% of orders are shipped within 24 hours. Custom orders may take longer; ask for a time schedule when ordering.

Do you accommodate bulk orders?

Of course we do! For bulk purchases, ask for a quote.

How much does shipping cost?

When you add items to your cart, you can instantly calculate shipping based on your state and zip code. Our calculator will show you estimated costs for ground, 2nd day air, and next day air shipping options, as well as the possibility of billing your own UPS or FedEx account. See more here.

Is there a tax fee with my purchase?

Your order will be completely tax free unless your shipping address is in New York or New Jersey, in which case you'll be taxed 8.50% or 6.875%, respectively. We wish we didn't have to but our company is based in NY and NJ and the law forces it.

How do I reach customer service?

Visit our contact page for contact information and a form you can submit right on the site.

What if I need something that I don't see on your site?

In the unlikely event that what you are looking for is not in our selection, simply fill out this quote form or contact us directly and let us know. We can restock for you, source from a new supplier, and even fill custom orders!

Customer Feedback:

Visit Trustpilot, a third party site that processes reviews from our customers and check out what buyers are saying about their experience shopping with us! When you've received your order, we would appreciate hearing a few words from you.