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US Department of Transportation

Federal Motor Carriers Association

Cargo Securement Guides

Drivers' Handbook - Download a guide to the North American Cargo Securement Standard

Drivers' Pictorial Handbook - Download a visual guide to the North American Cargo Securement Standard

Understanding Cargo Securement Rules - Download the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guide

Canadian Cargo Securement Standard - Download a guide to the National Safety Code from Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators

Guide to Cargo Securement in Alberta - Download the governmental guide

DC Cargo Mall Product Guides

Click on each title to view the product or category; click on the links to download PDF sketches and how-to guides.

E-Track Guides

E-Track Overview
Horizontal E-Track - Download a sketch
Vertical E-Track - Download a sketch
E-Track Single - Download a sketch
E-Track Double Slot - Download a sketch
E-Track Ratchet Strap - Download a how-to guide
E-Track Cam Strap - Download a guide
E-Track Hook, Large - Download a sketch
E-Track Hook, Smaller - Download a sketch
E-Track Wood Beam Socket - Download a sketch
E-Track Yellow Rack - Download a sketch

Cargo Tie-Down Straps and Accessories

Using a flatbed Binder Winder - Download a visual guide
Guide to flat hook winch straps - Download here

Additional Guides coming soon!

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