E-Track Mini Cargo Tie-Down Plate for Trucks, Trailers, Pickups, Docks; Powder Coated

E-Track Mini Cargo Tie-Down Plate for Trucks, Trailers, Pickups, Docks; Powder Coated
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  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Plate Length: 63/8"
  • Plate Width: 51/8"
  • Features: 2 E/A track slots, 2 F/L track holes

Download a sketch here (as shown in pictures).

Double E Track Slot TieDown Plate

The E track is the most reliable cargo securing system and with hundreds of attachments available, it is also the most versatile. E tracks get fastened to the floor or wall of your truck, trailer, or van. Once fastened, they can act as anchors for load locks, ratchet straps, rope tie-offs, etc.

When you transport your motorcycle on a pickup truck or carry some of your landscaping equipment on a utility truck, you don't need an entire rail; just a couple of tie-down spots to secure your gear will do.

Versatile Trailer Plate for All Tracks

This E track trailer plate is a small two-slot E track that can be easily mounted in any vehicle and removed when needed. It has all the benefits of easy installation, versatile attachments, and sound hardware with the added advantage of superior portability and function. It can be easily installed in pickup trucks, garages, enclosed vans, and anywhere you need a convenient double E track slot. Use it for all your other tie-down needs as well - from large crates to camping gear.

The E track double slot plate can be fastened to lengthen already-mounted E or A tracks or to secure cargo in small and hard-to-reach spaces. A few well-placed double E track slots on the floor can serve as the perfect motorcycle or ATV tie-down anchor system.

E Track Slot, F Track Double Trailer Plate Specs

This E track trailer double slot plate is made of a hardy steel and covered in a smooth powder coated black finish. It is 63/8" long and 51/8" wide, the actual E track slot is 21/2" long and 1/2" wide, the compatible A slot is 21/2" long and 9/16" wide, and the two F/L track holes have a 3/4" diameter. This trailer plate has 2 slots for E tracks and 2 holes for F or L tracks. All E track products are compatible with A tracks as well.

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