E Track Wood Beam End Socket Shelf Bracket

E Track Wood Beam End Socket Shelf Bracket
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  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Zinc-Plated
  • Color: Gold
  • Length: 4.4"
  • Width: 1.91"
  • Height: 3.25"
  • Holes Diameter: 1/4"

- Download the mechanical sketch here!


This durable E track wood beam socket is made of steel and plated with golden zinc for superior corrosion- and rust- resistance. With a width of 2.5" and 1/4" diameter bolting holes on all sides, these end sockets can securely hold 2" x 4" wooden beams fastened and secured with screws. The E fitting on the backside of the wood beam socket will clip straight into any vertical or horizontal E track on the floor or wall of your trailer, truck, or van.

These wooden beam end sockets can turn pieces of wood into E track cargo load locks, as long as there are two E track rails installed on walls opposite each other. In addition, when clipped into slots on vertical E tracks on walls, these sockets can add levels of stowage to your cargo transport system.

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If you appreciate creating custom shelving and securement systems for your trailer, an end beam socket would serve you well. This wood end socket can transform the functionality of your enclosed cargo trailer or moving van by acting as a shelf bracket so you can build your own E track shelving system in your trailer, creating additional storage space in the most versatile, non-permanent way. You can build cabinets, shelves, and decking beams, simply attach them to an E track rail with a press of the E fitting lever on the socket, and then remove them later.

Load locks are effective bars that prevent freight from shifting during transport. To make your own cost-effective E track load lock cargo bar, attach an end socket to each end of a lumber beam and secure across the width of your trailer. To create vertical divisions inside your trailer, place a board of plywood across two or more decking beams so you can stack freight on multiple levels within your trailer.

E track wood beam end sockets can be used to create a custom shelving organization system in your vehicle as you insert beams wherever they are needed to anchor and support freight, equipment, and personal items.

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